Most Effective Explainer Videos Ever that Went Viral

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Most Effective Explainer Videos Ever that Gone Viral

Today, I am going to share some coolest animated videos which went viral. You must be aware that explainer videos are the best solution to engage viewers, attract more customers and increase sales of your company. Even if your product or service is not that cool to present to the world with fancy animations, there may be a lot of people who are facing problems that will be solved by your explainer video.

The ideal length explainer videos are around 60 seconds to 90 seconds, such quick and easy explanations help your audience to understand how your product or service will help their problems to solve.

HubSpot’s recent survey found that video content is the most preferred form of content and people enjoy informative and entertaining videos the most.

Thinking of Hiring a team of professionals for your explainer video?    

Production of such explainer videos is not an easy task like PowerPoint presentations, it should be entertaining, engaging and informative.

The duration of explainer video should not be more than 90 seconds and the script written should not be more than 200 words. There are numerous styles of explainer videos and your video should get the right style.

Before hiring any animation studio or animation agency you should start gathering some inspirations from brands who are using this kind of animated videos for their marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the most viral explainer videos which are being used as a marketing campaign by brands from different industries. I hope these videos will help you get inspired to make an explainer video as your next marketing campaign strategy.

  1. Unroll.Me

Nowadays, managing your email inbox is very time-consuming because of too many promotional emails, subscribed emails and spam emails too. There is always an option to unsubscribe the email or simply add to spam, but what if you are getting thousands of emails every day? How many emails you will open, scroll to bottom and press on the unsubscribe button?

Unroll.Me is the powerful solution for the problem, this app allows users to simply use hand gestures to unsubscribe emails and de-clutter the inbox very easily.  Watch the video below for better understanding.

Duration – 60 Seconds.

  • Panda-Docs

Creating quotations, contracts, proposals is time-consuming and managing them is a more tedious task. Creating proposals, quotations and spreadsheets consume a lot of time and money. Panda doc is the perfect solution to this problem. Panda Docs provides templates with texts to create awesome looking proposals, quotations, and contracts in minutes. These templates are very easy to customize and you can use this for multiple users in the same company. Here is the explainer video of Panda Doc.

Duration – 69 Seconds.

  • Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a Company based in California. Dollar Shave Club delivers razors and other personal grooming products at the customer’s doorstep on a monthly basis. The video was published on YouTube in 2012 and now this video has more than 26,000,000 views. This Explainer video is a great example of simplicity, humor & creativity.

Duration – 93 Seconds.

  • What is an API? by Mulesoft

Have you ever wondered how online bookings, online payments, online orders, etc. are done just with few clicks? The answer is the API Engine (Application Programming Interface). But many people search about API and they don’t get answers which can be understood by a layman.

Duration – 3 Minutes: 24 Seconds

  • How Deep The Ocean Really Is by Tech Insider

This Explainer video is one of the best examples to educate people, have you ever wondered how deep the ocean could be? If yes then did you get the satisfactory answer? If not yet then this video is the answer to your question. The video explains the depth of the ocean with some nice examples like Burj Khalifa, Mount Everest, etc. This video also explains about marine life inside the ocean and different zones of sea. Watch this video for better clarification.

Duration – 3 Minutes 29 Seconds.

I hope these links will help you to decide the style for your next explainer video,  Explainer video is the best strategy to attract more customers, keep your viewers engaged and convey the message in a very short time. There are many explainer video production companies that will help you to create your next marketing strategy which you can launch in early 2020.

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