Marketing-Strategy-in-2020, Businessman explaining the marketing plan

Marketing is a very dynamic process!

Every year something or the other gets upgraded and these upgrades change the entire game. The Marketing departments of the corporations closely follow and adhere to these shifts in trends. They formulate their strategy for the current year accordingly, and it is because of one singular reason. The fascination of the audience towards these new trends makes it easier for corporations to influence them. That is what is happening since the concept of marketing has evolved!

Proven Marketing Strategy on 2020 1

Internet is a game-changer

But now, the Internet has changed everything. It has not only changed the game but has taken it to another dimension. Marketing is bigger and broader than it used to be just before a decade. Presently corporations are preferring to promote the business on the Internet than in any other traditional medium. The Internet has not only proved itself as a cost-effective tool but is also a widely spread medium that has achieved an unimaginable coverage. Together they have provided a very strong base for marketing which has made it easier to achieve the desired targets easily. The Internet has now established itself as the most preferred medium for marketing. The Internet will definitely continue its reign for a very long time as it is one of a kind. The advantages it provides is way ahead of our time and is more than enough for the next five decades. It is to be noticed that the Internet has now slowly engulfed the entire Marketing and promotional activity. It is observed that today every corporation is doing two kinds of Marketing strategy. One of them is based on the traditional mediums while the other one gets entirely concentrated on the Internet. Marketing on the web is still given second priority. But it won’t be wrong to say that in some years the priorities will definitely change because the Internet will be the most common medium. The corporations then will post everything on the Web because promoting on any other medium will become a futile task.

How people are getting attracted?

This is the phenomenon that we have just realized! Anything that is to be upgraded in Marketing should directly aim towards the Internet. Generally, someone browses through the Internet mainly to have glimpses of visual posts, and by observing the nature of posts available on the Internet we see an inclination towards the Visuals from Textual. People stick more on a post that graphically conveys the message rather than through words. This method of conveying the message suits the present lifestyle because it saves time and attention as the mind processes 90% of the information through visual graphics. Comparatively, it will take a lot of time and attention for somebody to read a piece and then extract the exact information out of it. According to Facebook, over 4 billion videos are uploaded and streamed every day on their website.

Proven Marketing Strategy on 2020 2

People love watching Videos

No doubt that one-third of the entire online activity is spent watching videos. Gradually people will prefer and rely more on the visual contents. Now, there is another thing to consider. Making a video is not a very easy process. It takes a lot of effort to completely produce a video. The trickiest and hardest part in producing a video is not the pre-production or the post-production but the actual production which is commonly called the shoot.
A lot of preparation goes through shooting a particular part. Processes like setting and transportation of equipment demand a lot of effort and manpower. This indirectly spirals up the cost of production. That’s why video production costs a lot more than any other medium.

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Source – IQ Animation Studio

A cost-efficient way to promote your business using Videos

We also took in account this very reason and wanted to find a common ground that can solve the problem of any businessman who is wanting to promote through videos but doesn’t have enough budget. The 2D animation video is the thing that we have a specialization in. The animation video creates just the same impact and conveys the information as effectively and efficiently as a normal video. The only difference will be the cost.

An animation video is entirely created in house. That is from the inception of an idea to the finalized product. The most critical part is that the production will not demand so much effort or labor. It can be developed entirely on a graphically sound computer. The other advantage of animation video is that any kind of video will look good and will attract a lot of audiences. Animated videos trigger nostalgic feeling and anybody can relate to it.

Final words

So altogether in the conclusion we can say that the 2D Animation video is going to be the most commonly used medium to convey detailed information in the easiest form. This form can not only depict complicated messages in the simplest way but in a beautiful way too.
Above all, they reduce the cost of production drastically which will be the correct business decision.