Residential-home-with-pool Lumion 10.0 render
Lumion 10 Official release trailer

As we all know Lumion is one of the finest software for rendering realistic architectural walk-through. This software is specially made for architects.

The long-awaited version of Lumion 10 and Lumion 10 Pro is finally launched and now available to download on the official website of Lumion. Official release trailer video shows major improvements in Lumion 10 Software such as fine detail in the environment, Real sky at night, Displacement maps, New Realistic Materials and much more.

If you have a license of Lumion 8 or Lumion 9.5 then there is good news for you. You will be getting a special promotional upgrade price till 31st December 2019.

Operating SystemWindows 10 64 Bit
Graphics cardGraphics card scoring a G3D mark 6000+ with atleast 3GB RAM
Processor(CPU)Intel/AMD Processor Scoring a Single Thread CPU Mark of 2000+
Screen ResolutionFull HD(1920*1080)
System Memory(RAM)16GB+
Hard DriveSata3 SSD with atleast 30GB Free Space

Here is the list of new features of Lumion 10 and Lumion 10 Pro

• High-quality preview

• Fine-detail Nature (Pro only)

• Displacement mapping

• Real Skies at night (Pro only)

• Aurora Borealis (Pro only)

• Photo Matching (Pro only)

• Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)

• AI Artist Styles

• New objects

• New materials

• Paint placement

• Custom materials library

• Landscape cutter

• Ease in/out control for movie clips

• Improved object library

• Improved DWG import

Student Version of and Lumion 10 Pro is not yet released, but it should get released in couple of weeks more, but if you already have a student version of Lumion 9.5 then you can take advantage of Lumion 10 right away.

Lumion 10: Photo Matching – Real Context Renders
Lumion 10: Realistic HD Objects
Lumion 10: Realistic HD Materials
Lumion 10: Better Movie Render Controls
Lumion 10: Heightmaps – Real Context Renders
Lumion 10: Fine Detail Nature
Lumion 10: Paint Placement – Fast Environment Context
Lumion 10: Realistic HD Displacement Maps
Lumion 10: HQ Preview – Faster Iteration
Lumion 10: Better Object Library Control