2D Vs 3D Animation
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Many people ask me which style of animation is better –  2D animation or  3D animation for the promotional video of my company. The truth is that this topic is a bit complicated to understand since it depends on certain factors that the background of the company, the animator and the client must define.

From the perspective of the company that creates animations, they are of equal complicity. In a certain way, 2D is still complicated to animate unless they have the necessary tools to insert objects with a certain key movement, saving time.

Which animation style is the best? 2D Animation or 3D Animation 1
3D Business Animation

But in the business sector, it depends on what image the client and the animator want to give. As it has been demonstrated multiple times, the animations for promotional videos of the company are very creative since they give a fresh, modern look to the corporation. But essentially, when making a choice between 3D and 2D, there is only the quantum difference of one dimension.

Which animation style is the best? 2D Animation or 3D Animation 2
2D Animation

The 2D animations provide an image of simplicity to the company, that in a certain way is difficult to achieve with the 3D animations. On the contrary, 3D leaves a detailed graphical representation of the situation to be explained. A 3D view would give a more realistic image of the topic, while a 2D image would explain everything in a simpler way leaving the individual with the idea that he/she wants to explain in a more appropriate manner.

The truth is that despite these few differences, the two types of animation provide the same result – a modern image of the corporation and explanation of a topic of any particular company in a successful way, that constantly remains clear in the mind of the consumer and the customer. So you don’t have to worry too much about choosing between 2D and 3D, as long as you choose a good animator who will provide the best quality image for your company. 

Examples of 2D and 3D Animation for marketing or business

3D Product Visualization/Animation
2D Service Explainer Video Animation
3D Animation of Car Scanner
2D Motion Graphics Animation by Agroclear | A Brand New Platform for Farmers
Formlabs 3D Printer Video | 3D Animation and Live Action Shoot
Efficiency 2D Explainer & Motion Graphics Video

There are many sub-types of 2d and 3d animation, the major challenge is to choose the best which will engage and convert your audiences. A professional animation studio can help you choose the best animation style which will suit your business If you need free consultation for choosing the best style for your business then don’t hesitate to ask us by leaving a comment below.